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Urban Road Warrior Automobile Emergency Kit
Be prepared in the event of an automobile emergency situation. This backpack has most of the essentials you will need in the event of a
urban breakdown.

Economy Road Warrior
A smaller version of Urban Road Warrior Automobile Emergency Kit.
Tow Rope
Tows up tp 6500 lbs.
- Poly Braid Extra Super Strength.
- Tows up to 6500 lbs. 5/8" x 14'
- Excellent stretch to absorb sudden shock.
- Heavy duty forged hooks & plastic gaurds.
- 100% rot resistant and handy to store.
- Ideal for car owners, boat owners, farmers, or anyone who needs a tow.
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$ 63.71

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$ 32.66

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$ 5.45

Jumper Cables - Heavy Duty 10 Gauge Copper - 12 Feet Long
These 12 foot cables are made of heavy duty 10 gauge rubber and copper. .
19" Orange Traffic Cones
In addition to their many uses in traffic, these traffic cones are a great way to alert people to a dangerous condition or protrusion.

16 oz Fire Extinguisher
These fire extinguishers are compact, safe, affordable and easy to use.

Small enough to fit in your trunk, suitcase, briefcase, glove compartment, kitchen drawer or tool box, you can place these anywhere. Buy one for your car, boat, RV, kitchen, bedroom, work shop, garage and fireplace.

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$ 9.95

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$ 9.95

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$ 7.75

Kidde Pro Series Fire Extinguisher
5 lb. Model exceeds 2-A:10-BC compliance. Perfect for common industrial use: Office, Hotel, School
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$ 14.95

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