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We are proud to offer Adventure Medical Kits ". We have found these kits to be the premier medical/ first-aid kits on the market.Backcountry (Mountain Series) They offer only the finest components and come in top quality organizer bags and pockets. If you are looking for a top quality first-aid kits that have been field tested by a medical professional, look no further.

Adventure Medical Kits were Designed by Dr. Eric A. Weiss, an avid outdoorsman and also a Medical Director at  Stanford University Medical Center in Palo Alto California. Dr. Weiss designed kits for various specific emergency situations, (see table below). Each kit contains the optimal set of components to administer first aid in a variety of emergency situations.

These kits come in four classes:

Wilderness Medicine -for any one taking on the great outdoors comes in the following series:

Mountain Series: A wide range of kits ranging for those going on mountain expeditions to half day hikes. Family Series: Components designed for families with children.
Medic Kits: Convenient kits in clear vinyl waterproof cases for a variety of needs. Cycling Series: Great lightweight kits to take care of everything from trauma to road rash.
Paddler Series: Waterproof kits especially designed for kayakers, rafters, and canoeists. Marine Series: Waterproof and standard kits for  Yachting, Boating and Diving.
Professional Series: Kits for wilderness professionals such as Paramedics , Ski Patrols, Mountain Rescue, Expedition Leaders and Travel Guides.

Travel Medicine - for those traveling abroad to third world or developing countries.

Also available:

Mini Kits - to augment or customize an existing kit Essential Equipment - specialized tools.
Refill Items - Replacement items for your kits Organizer Bags - empty bags to build your own
Books - first aid books and manuals

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